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Quaking Maples Farm
373 Quaking Maples Drive
Horse Shoe Run, WV USA 26716
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Natural Handmade Soap

My soaps are made using natural vegetable oils in a cold process recipe.  Soap produced in this manner retains its natural glycerin, which is very good for your skin.  Most all of my soaps are scented using pure essential oils.  Also offered are soaps made with fragrance oils blended just for soap making to produce soap scents that cannot be obtained with pure essential oils. Color may be enhanced with herbs, spices, or natural pigments.  Each bar of soap is made, cut, and trimmed by hand. Every bar contains:

Olive Oil - a very good moisturizer.
Coconut Oil - has wonderful lathering & cleansing capabilities.
Palm Oil - produces a harder, long-lasting bar.
Soybean Oil - mild and contributes to a stable lather.
Sweet Almond Oil - softens and conditions the skin.
Castor Oil - quickly absorbed by the body to soothe and lubricate.
Aloe Vera - an effective healing agent, soothes & moisturizes.
Plus - Pure Essential Oil or Fragrance oil
           and Sodium Hydroxide and Spring Water
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$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
Each Bar Weighs At Least  3.5 Oz   (103 g)
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